Friday, April 13, 2012

Third Child Syndrome

We recently picked up a new batch of chicks to supplement our egg operation. We currently have 4, which turns out is not enough eggs for us. This batch shall hopefully remedy that, with extra for my parents. In fact, we are running some sort of weird co-op operation, where I take care of the chickens and my parents will be sponsoring a few. Its like 'Adopt-A-Chicken.' Dad has requested that we name their chicks X, Y and Z, but he should know me better by now! At least one of them shall be named Nugget, or something of the like. If you have any witty suggestions, let me know!

This is James' favorite chick, and the only one we have named thus far. Her name is Sunny (as in Sunny Side Up) and she is LOUD! We have already discussed (the chick and I) that if that keeps up, she's gonna be dinner. Sheesh! Actually, she only peeps when she's away from her peeps, and she makes sure everyone knows about it! 

Ain't she cute!? 

The thing with this second round of chicks is that it's like have a third child. Your bathe them lovingly every night. You never put anything remotely dirty on them, and they are always matching. By the time the second kid comes around, they get a bath twice a week. A little spit up is A-OK, no need to change the clothes. They mostly match. By the time the third one rolls around, they are lucky to get a spit n' shine once a week, maybe a bath if they are lucky. They could roll in the sticky remains of their breakfast oatmeal (which is still on the table at lunch time) and you just wipe them off with a washcloth and call it good. And clothes?! Matching is so last season. That seems to be my approach to this batch of chicks. I checked them for the infamous pasty butt only once or twice. I feed them, water them, and forget about them. The kids do ask to hold them several times a day, so they do get a little lovin'. Tyler is even (remarkably) gentle with them. James is especially smitten with Sunny, and carries her around the house and yard. He lets her play in his play barn, and takes her outside to see her future digs. It is pretty cute.

And speaking of cute! How's this for adorable? Katie also loves herself some chickies.


Don said...

KFC, BBQ, drumstick, Fil-A, Crispy,
Extra Crispy,Spicy, Deep Fried, Basted, Dumpling, Eggsegetical, Over easy, Hardboiled, Scrambled, Vent 1, Vent 2, Easy pickin's,Squat, Easy layer, Squack 3, Feed Me, Vorm grubber, Skunk bait, Reveille, Hunt n Peck, Son of Sam, Gizzard Wizard, Crop top, Dinner. . .How am I doing?

Terry and Linda said...

Ahhhh! I'm sure those kids are just delighted! And I'm sure you will NOT be able to eat not one of the hens (when they become hens!)