Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun And Mysterious Weekend

We had quite the weekend. Saturday morning James and I went to meet this lady from Craigslist to buy a bike. A like-new bike for $16!!! Saturday evening we dropped the kids off at Grammy and Chappy's while we went to a Murder Mystery Party. It was so much fun! I think we laughed more there than we have in a while. At the last minute, Jeff decided to layer three crazy shirts and mysteriously change shirts throughout the evening. (For the record, he wore his red ganster shirt, his 100% Kosher shirt, and his Colorado is for Love Hustlers shirt) Every one thought it was scripted and a few people were going nuts trying to figure out why he kept changing. We also got randomly arrested and handcuffed to a chair which was hilarious. It was a lot of fun! The kids also had fun with my parents, and got to go to a real live restaurant where people bring you food in baskets and you get to eat fries. Quite the novelty. We capped off the weekend by going to see friends last night, and I got a bonus lesson in Egg Rolls. It was quite the fun weekend, except that Jeff threw out his back on Saturday morning and could barely move most of the day. Alas, he faked his way through the party somehow and then spent a pretty much sleepless night groaning in pain. I thought I would have to tranquilize him and drag him to the ER, but he survived the night. (He won't even go to the doctor, let alone the ER) Today he is starting to feel a little better so hopefully he'll be pain-free soon.


Shay said...

I told him to get to a chiropractor, that's the only thing that helps me. Hope he's feeling better by now. The shirt-changing made me think that he had to have been one of the killers and needed to hide a bloody shirt, lol.

Terry and Linda said...

We took the two little girls to Golden Corral of which Linkin was just delighted to be in such a fancy restaurant that had chocolate flowing down a water fall. What a hoot!