Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Let's Not Repeat That

Last night I woke to the sound of our carbon monoxide detector beeping. I smelled oil and the furnace was misbehaving. It was 3:50ish in the morning. I woke Jeff up who promptly shut off the furnace and got to work. I moved the kids upstairs into Katie's room which we have been keeping unheated (she sleeps downstairs right now). It was reaaaaally cold, but mostly free of fumes. We ran the whole house fan, which helped with the fumes but pulled cold air in from outside. Alas, I'd rather be cold than the alternative. I am very thankful right now for carbon monoxide detectors and glad that the furnace is running again too.


Terry and Linda said...

Good heavens! I am so very grateful you are all safe and Jeff knew just what to do!


Shay said...

Yikes, glad you're ok! We've had smoke detectors go off when the furnace went haywire in the high before. very scary feeling!