Saturday, January 21, 2012

And A Good Time Was Had By All (Except Maybe The Chicken)

This morning we woke up to snow. It just so happened to be the perfect 'wet' snow, great for snowballs and sledding. (This was before we got a layer of ice pellets) After locating approximately 92 pieces of winter clothing and real matching pairs of gloves (!), the kids and I headed out to play. We got the sleds and headed off to the greenbelt. When we were almost there someone ran up behind us yelling. It was Jeff trying to scare us. He had thrown on his snow clothes and followed us. We had so much fun!! We had both a saucer and a toboggan at our disposal and I think we sledded in just about every configuration possible. Jeff and Tyler, Katie and James, me and get the point. We had the hill all to ourselves and we made the most of it. Jeff accidentally performed a pretty sweet stunt. He was flying down the hill on the saucer and hit a bump. He flew up in the air, did a 360 degree flip, landed and kept going. Tyler went down solo in the toboggan and hit Katie, who fell over onto the sled and flew down with him. While Jeff and I had loads of fun sledding, it appears that we exceeded the weight limit on the saucer and it met its demise.  We decided to tempt fate and ride down together on the toboggan. It remained unscathed, but we ended up landing in a patch of brambles where I managed to cut my finger on a thorn. To add to the injury rate, James got a bloody lip and Tyler's little ankle got rubbed raw from his snow boots. Hey, we had a 40% safety rate...that's good right? We spent the rest of the day playing in the yard, and doing fun crafty projects and baking inside. Oh, and we took the chicken sledding. I think the only reason she stayed on the sled was because she was scared of the snow. I can just imagine someday when the kids are older, sitting around saying 'Remember when we took that chicken sledding...yeah, we sure did some strange things to entertain ourselves!' :)


Shay said...

chicken sledding, that's a new one! :)

Janet said...

My sisters used to put their rabbit down the slide, they were sure the rabbit loved it. My mother was sure it was ultimately what killed the rabbit :)

Terry and Linda said...

How delightfully wonderful! We had a goat that would sled, but I've never seen a chicken! What a hoot!