Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been suffering the affects of a pesky cold that flew right through the rest of the family and hung onto me like nobody's business. It has left me with a bit of dizzyness from having blocked up ears, and I am ready for it to be gone. Today was Jeff's first day of Applied Fluid Mechanics, so I am on my own with three cooped-up rambunctious kids. Fortunately my Mom took pity on me and had us over for a little while so that was a nice break! In other news, I have decided that it is time to have a major reckoning with my pantry and freezer. I have this strange thing about not opening anything I canned/froze til after Christmas. With the exception of jam and salsa, I try to save stuff for the dead of winter when we need something nice to eat. I really need to loosen up on that rule, because we have a ton of stuff hanging out in the garage. Don't be jealous, but I think I have about 2 gallons of frozen rhubarb left in my freezer! Oh, yeah! So, for next month's menu I guess I should incorporate all the loveliness that is in my pantry. I shall bust out all my recipes calling for rhubarb and roasted peppers, and I'll be forced to make Spiced Apple Coffee Cake. Its going to be rough, but someone's got to eat all this food!


Terry and Linda said...

We watched Andrew Zimmerman do a whirlwind tour of your live in a wonderful place!


Shay said...

You poor thing! :)