Friday, January 20, 2012


Random Picture of the Day: Our Botched Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon

  • Sleep...I need some! Tyler kicks off his blankets many times each night, and each time he whimpers and cries until I put them back on. If I don't get there quick enough, he wakes Katie up. She is not pleasant in the middle of the night, and that further wakes Tyler up. After dressing him warmly and tucking him in again before we go to bed, I just think he likes the feel of blankets over him...which is really annoying for me.
  • James is back in school today. The strike is over for now. He seemed to be happy to go back, although I know he had fun at home too.
  • The chickens have been 'boking' at each other a lot the last few mornings. Yesterday I finally went out to see what was going on, and it seemed that it was rush hour at the nesting boxes. Patience, girls! Patience! Every now and then I threaten them with the stew pot, but it doesn't seem to have an affect.
  • Having a supply of pretty brown and blue eggs makes up for the minor annoyance of bickering chickens.
  • We might actually get snow tomorrow. Aside from a small amount in October, we've got nothing so far. 
  • Jeff starts class tonight...Production Tooling! Doesn't that sound scintillating?
  • I am just about finished with a skirt which has taken actual brain power to complete, apparently brain power I am not accustomed to using. It wasn't hard, per se, but the directions were like deciphering a foreign language. I guess it is a European pattern after all. 
  • James is ordinarily a good helper, and yesterday he decided to go all out. He helped me watch the little boys at preschool, he picked and help make a recipe for the kids' snack (all his own idea), and...drumroll please....he did the dishes! Oh, yes, I could get used to that! Me thinks some lessons are in order, as he put the bowls in with lids still on, but heck...who cares! He did the dishes, and I think I might have to work that into the rotation more often. Maybe I could teach Tyler to do the laundry?! ;)

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