Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This week is Vacation Bible School. I am helping in the craft class. Surprised? Didn't think so. Yesterday James FREAKED OUT and cried, screamed and wouldn't let go of me. He has been getting much better about this but apparently this time he just couldn't process it all. It was hard on both of us, but he needed to go for his own sake. He is starting Kindergarten next month. Yikes! I can't believe it. They were very good with him at VBS and he did OK, but cried for most of the rest of the day. It was hard on both of us. Then, it was like a switch, last night before bed he calmed down. He relaxed and stopped thinking about it. This morning, he was so nervous he threw up. He cried and held on, then he was OK. He did great! I was so happy, relieved and proud. He even told me that VBS is more fun that Mommy. I take it that he had fun today! Hopefully the rest of the week goes just as well. There are almost 300 kids, and its very, very hot. Yay for air conditioning!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting James' experiences, I will be praying for him, bless his heart!