Friday, July 15, 2011

My Little Helper

Last night I was making pizza. I had roasted a whole tray of veggies, baked the crust, and was in the process of assembly. I had to make a quick trip to the facilities. When I came back, what did I find???? That's right: Tyler 'helping' me out. Now, I had heard the chair sliding around, but I thought it was James putting the chair back where I asked him to. Turns out, he had already returned the chair and it was Tyler dragging it to the counter. With lightning fast precision, he dumped my whole jar of cornmeal and the pizza sauce on top of the roasted veggies. He was in the process of mixing it up with the rolling pin when I got back. Such a helpful little guy, right? :) I had to rinse off the veggies in a strainer and the pizza was a little bit heavy on the cornmeal, but it turned out alright.

In other news, I caught Katie trying to pee standing up just a few minutes ago. Seriously!?!? Clean up on aisle 7 please!!!

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Ms. Mc said...

She has too many brothers! :)