Friday, July 01, 2011


This whole week has been a recovery period for the fun-overload we had last weekend. We have mostly hung around the house, though we did go raspberry picking one morning. This morning the kids got to go the house o' magic (aka Grammy and Chappy's) while I went grocery shopping. Hallelujah! The cupboards were bare, and shopping sans kids leaves my sanity intact. This weekend should be much more low-key. I am sneaking away early in the morn to go blueberry picking with my sis-in-law and Mom. Tomorrow afternoon I am preparing a birthday feast for the Jeffro. I have brought in, all the way from Colorado, the secret family recipe for his Mom's goulash. Just kidding, but that's what I threaten him with because he wouldn't tell me what he wanted for his birthday dinner. (He is NOT fond of his mother's goulash, by the way...) We will be guessed it! Megzican food! And pineapple upside-down cake. Should be tasty.

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