Thursday, July 07, 2011

Another Tidbit

I looked all over for our cooler. I couldn't figure out where on earth it could be. Then I remembered that I found it last fall, reeking of mold and onions. James had decided to go into the business of selling onion grass. He picked a bunch, wrapped it in a damp towel, put it in the cooler to dry, and forgot all about it. By the time I found it the cooler was ruined, and the onion grass was unsaleable. At least he has a ready supply waiting in the yard if he decides to go back in business.

Also, James caught a firefly today and put it in his bug cage. His bug cage has a loose door. The firefly is now flitting about in our house. He will join the rolly polly, the moth, and who knows what else that has escaped that cage!

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Linda said...

You make raising children just delightful! I"m glad you post your everyday life.