Friday, July 22, 2011

Makes Me Want To ROFL

We were at Joanns this morning because James wants me to make him a cowboy backpack for school. While perusing the patterns (which ended up a totally fruitless endeavor), Katie decided to doodle on her arm, and draw a plethora of random marks around her mouth. Kind of reminiscent of cat whiskers, but not quite. One of the workers there saw Katie and asked her if she had drawn on her face. Katie got shy and buried her head on my leg. They she realized that everyone could see her artwork, and she started crying. She looked up at me and begged me to 'washcloth it off' because she was 'going around looking like an idiot.' I tried, and failed, to keep my composure after that and turned away to giggle. It made it worse that James told her, in a sticky sweet voice, 'Its OK, Katie, you don't look like an idiot. You just look really funny.' I had a good chuckle over that whole interchange. Some peoples kids!

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised that you are home but understand why you are! It is hot here as well, 95 today, but you must remember we have little humidity, I feel for all of you!

Have you gotten any eggs from those chickens yet? I love your new rooster purse, very cute! Glad you had fun! I bet you can hardly wait to go back!!!