Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Want Me To Make What?!?!

Jeff called me yesterday from work. He told me he needed a favor and I knew it was going to be something ridiculous. Little did I know how ridiculous. As it turns out, he wanted me to make a librarian/Mr. Rodgers type sweater for a Smeagol (from Lord of the Rings) bobble head doll. This doll is seriously disturbing and to add to the difficulty, it has extremely large hands which means that I couldn't sew the sleeves together before putting it on. I had to sew them after putting the sweater on. The whole reason for this project is because he has a coworker who supposedly looks like Smeagol (he doesn't) and wears a librarian sweater (he does). Someone bought the doll and was trying to figure out how to make a sweater for it. Jeff volunteered me. I am pretty sure that this is the most bizarre sewing project EVER.

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