Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Proud Mama

One of Katie's best traits is her generosity. She wants to give, give, give. In the past she has used her own money to buy toys for the 'shoebox kids.' (Operation Christmas Child) The other day, she wanted to get her money out. She made one big pile for 'Acho,' a child we just started helping in Bolivia. Then she made another pile for the 'people who don't have any money.' She asked for ziplock bags and had me label each bag. Then, she wanted me to drop Acho's money in the mail right away. She asked me about 5 times already. Then at dinner she asked me how long it would take for Acho's money to get to him. With the other bag of change, we went to the dollar store and she bought some toys for this year's shoeboxes. She bought one toy for herself, and 4 to give away. She doesn't really have a concept of money, but I can tell that she really wants to give generously. She put about $5 in change in each bag, and kept only $3 for herself. She told me how happy the kids would be and that God would be really happy that she did a nice thing for them. I have to say it made me very proud. :)


Anonymous said...

that is so precious, doesn't that just want to make your heart POP?

Terry and Linda said...

I think it is from your example :)