Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Katie has a new habit. She goes into my garden and grazes. She eats kale and mint. Her favorite thing of all is basil. She will eat leaf after leaf after leaf. I planted a dwarf variety this year, which I hate, but it does have nice little kid-sized leaves. Yesterday I pulled a few carrots and they didn't even make it into the house before being claimed by the kids. I went in, washed them, and they decided who got what color. (There were purple, orange and white) I was thinking that at least one kid would decide they didn't want their carrot after all, but no. They ate them all up. James wanted more, but the rest are just not ready. Now, I suppose before blaming the rabbits for anything, I should check with Katie first! :)


Phillip and Rachel said...

It's time to put the security fences up around your tomatoes!

Terry and Linda said...

You will need to protect (from the Chickens) every thing you do NOT want them to eat and scratch up!