Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Randomness

  • Tyler can say 'backhoe' very clearly. He also saw a picture of an eagle today and said 'chicken!' Won't be long before he's chattering up a storm.
  • This same kid snuck into the coop again when I was putting the chickens out. This time, he grabbed one by both wings and tried to bring it to me. Note to self: must keep chicken door locked at ALL TIMES!
  • Katie has been running around, (mis)quoting Napoleon Dynomite saying 'Make yourself a darn quesadilla, chief!' She's a nut.
  • James has been setting up obstacle courses in the backyard to race Patty through (Patty is his beloved stick horse)
  • Patty had to have a little surgery. The stick was basically in shreds so she got a new implant. She is recovering nicely.
  • Jeff has been working long days since he got a promotion about a month ago. He's taking over the world! Actually, he got assigned to schedule all design employees for his company in Marlton, NJ and their offices in Ukraine and India. Its a big job. But I know he can do it. I just can't wait for him to get caught up so that we can actually see some more of him (when his eyes aren't glazed over and thinking about Excel spreadsheets). Wait. He starts class next month, and its two nights a week. So really, was I thinking I would get a break?!
  • Our neighbor caught a toad for the kids, which was delivered after dark, over the back fence, in a wipes box. Very shady business, you know. The kids were thrilled to wake up to a toad (in addition to our lone tadpole). We made him a toad house and named him Patty, and set him (her??) loose in the garden. Patty (the toad, not the stick horse) had the nerve to up and leave and the kids are miffed. Katie and Tyler have been checking the toad house obsessively to see if she (he??) came back. I just hope that Patty steers clear of the chickens, because I wouldn't put it past them to eat her too. I saw one eating an illuminated lighting bug the other night. It was pretty funny.
  • My siblings and their spouses are coming up on Friday and all spending the night at the 'rents, and we are all so excited!!! The girls are going to the flea market on Saturday morning and it should be lovely! Yipee!

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