Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Of Awesomeness

I dream of having a nice family portrait someday....with all three children cooperating, at the same time!

**Please excuse the ridiculous formatting of this blog post. Blogger is getting on my nerves tonight, and I don't have it in me to keep trying.**

Fly, Henry, fly!!

Henry 'the Love Machine' getting a little too much lovin'

And again...

I caught James jumping over Henry. I photographed him, then told him NO MORE!!

I must say, my sister really outdoes herself in the Auntie category. Can you tell she loves my kids, just a little bit?? :)

We had a fabulous weekend! We kicked it off with a potluck at the farm. They took us on a wagon ride around the fields, and afterward we walked over with some friends to see the animals. James proclaimed, 'Look! There's the sheep with the big testicles!' Our friends looked at us and said, 'Did he really just say that?' Yes, yes he did. My apologies if their son picks up on that term. At least its anatomically correct.

On Saturday the whole fam was together all day long. It was awesome! Rach and Phil, Nate and Nikia and Mom and Dad. We basically sat in the backyard and watched the kids and the dogs play. We ate some really good grub and enjoyed each other's company. Now that I think of it, the only thing lacking was the absence of off-color discussions. Mom didn't have to brandish her fork at us this time. We'll have to remedy that for next time. We can't have Mom thinking we've completely grown up, now, can we??

Can you handle the cuteness?? I can't. I'm keeping that bathing suit for her, forever and ever.

Playing in Grammy and Chappy's magical backyard

Why look! There they are! The magical grandparents.

Henry 'The Love Machine' (Rachel and Phil's dog)

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Phillip and Rachel said...

FUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!! I love the pic of me and the little peanut. I do believe you have the snuggliest children ever :)