Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The kids planned a special day out for Jeff for Father's Day. We went to the Covered Bridge and had a picnic dinner. The menu consisted of sandwiches, chips, grapes, strawberries and caramel apples. We walked over the bridge, waded in the creek and caught a lonely little tadpole to bring home. Clearly, they chose their activities just for Daddy! ;) I also helped the kids make a list of things they love about Jeff. Of course, he does all this fun stuff with them that I never do, like swinging them around or running around acting like a tiger. One of the craziest (and entirely fictional) ones came from Katie who said 'I love when Daddy plays hockey with oranges.' Huh?? And while we are speaking of Father's Day, I will say that one of my very favorite things in the entire world (seriously!) is watching Jeff play with the kids. I love it when he holds their hand and they look so tiny next to his 6'4" frame. I love it when they all pile on top of him to read their Bible story. And when he gets home from work, all the kids go running and screaming and hollering to the door. Its pretty darn precious. Happy Father's Day, Jeffrey, even though I know you aren't reading this...

We also got to go over to the 'rents to celebrate Father's Day. I made a Meg-z-ican** dinner and we all sat around and watched the kids play in Grammy and Chappy's magical backyard. It was pretty swell. So is my Dad by the way. Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!!!!!

(**My brother made that term up long ago because I am always making something Mexican ;)

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Anonymous said...

When I read about your picnic, and the way you love Jeff, I got tears in my eyes, thank you for sharing your heart! It blessed mine!