Friday, August 20, 2010

A Squirrel In The House

Does anyone else have a sock monster that lives in their house? I am always coming up with stray socks. I generally keep them in a basket and wait for their mate to show up. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Its a mystery to me where these missing socks go. That's why I blame the sock monster. Until now. I have made a discovery. Earlier today, Katie had taken the cushions off the couch (which, FYI, is one of the few things that drives me absolutely crazy***). I asked her to put the cushions back on, and while she was semi-cooperating, she noticed a 'wace tar' in the couch. She reached into a hole in the couch lining to get the car. It was then that I spotted a sock. Yay! I thought. At least that is one less stray sock I will have floating around. When I pulled the sock out, I saw another....and another....and another. Jackpot!! It appears that we have a sock squirrel in the house. (I believe Katie to be the most likely candidate for this) After pulling out about 6 or 7 socks, I reached back in to see if there were any more 'treasures.' What did I find? Well, one of our decorative couch pillows, the high chair cover, and Katie's toy camera. I wondered what had happened to that stuff. Now I know to check the innards of the couch next time I am missing something. You never know when the squirrel will strike again!!

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