Thursday, August 19, 2010


Rachel and I try to skype (video call) each other at least once a week. If it weren't for, say, my three kids, we might just skype every day. But that ain't happening. Yesterday was our 'skype date,' but we had some technical difficulties. My microphone wasn't working. Not to be discouraged, we ended up typing back and forth for the better part of an hour. Rachel would laugh at me when I would forget and start talking to her. She said it was like watching a silent movie. Then, after typing back and forth for several minutes, Rachel would say something to me out loud and it would startle me a little bit. We always seemed to have had two conversations going on at once. We established the correct spelling in the terd vs. turd debate. It's turd, by the way. We showed each other our sewing projects. We managed to use several of those amusing 'emoticons' provided by skype. My favorite is the flexing kidney, also known as the disembodied flexing bicep that looks like a kidney. I would like to know who comes up with these things. I mean, you can use anything from a foaming mug of beer, to a dancing ninja, to a vomiting smiley face. And you never know when the 'emo' pushing hair out of his eyes might come in handy. So despite the fact that Rachel probably felt like she was talking to a mime, we had a lot of fun... saving the world, one dancing ninja at a time.

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