Monday, August 16, 2010

Random News

  • Tyler is walking, I mean really!
  • James rode his bigger bike all the way to Grammy and Chappy's this morning. I can't believe how big he is as I chase him while he is giggling hysterically.
  • Speaking of getting big, Katie had her first solo playdate at my friend Candi's today. James kept saying 'When is Katie going to get back?' I'd say 'Do you miss her?' and he would say 'No, I just want to play with her.'
  • I've been canning like a maniac. Peach Syrup and Chile-Tomato Jam to name a few.
  • Tyler is a crazy climbing fool. He climbs on everything!!! Here he is on my kitchen table:
  • James wanted to have tea with me while Katie was gone. He took everything off the table, wiped it down and got out a tablecloth and put it on the table, so we could have a 'real tea party.' It was very sweet, and after he drank his tea he told me he really didn't like tea that much.
  • I've surpassed the 100 pound mark from my garden. So far, 103 pounds!
  • We've finally (!!!) finished the floors and enough of the painting to get the kids into their own beds again. Tyler and James moved downstairs and Katie upstairs. For the last two weeks, Tyler and Katie have shared a room and every little peep Tyler makes is liable to wake Katie up. It was very nice to sleep last night!
  • Jeff starts school in 2 weeks. Boo!
  • Katie is still downing tomatoes at a rapid pace. So far today, she has had tomatoes at breakfast and after lunch.
  • Told you that was random news!

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DayPhoto said...

Gosh! They really do seem to be growing up fast!!!!