Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Fun

At the farm

Things have been crazy around here. Jeff took a day off and we went to the farm together. Sunday we went to a local farm and picked 40 pounds of peaches, which I canned**. Ugh. I officially hate canning peaches. But I digress. We have also been replacing the floors in both upstairs bedrooms. Its a major pain, having things packed away and the kids sleeping in random places and waking each other up. But as my friend Candi reminded me it seems like we always have something like this going on. And she's right. We bought our first house in 2004 (?), did some serious renovations, bought a new house and did some not-quite-as-serious remodelling projects, and then remodeled our first house again after our tenants trashed it. So I think we have had more than our fair share of home projects. The floor is looking quite nice though!! I am so happy to have nice floors up here, as opposed to the hideous crumbling tile. Here I am rambling on incoherently. Yikes! I better go before I really say something stupid. (No comments from the peanut gallery...:)

**That is, I canned everything my children didn't devour. They have been eating their weight in peaches everyday. (The peaches are no Palisade, Colorado peaches, but good, and are pretty small)

At the orchard

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DayPhoto said...

Palisade Peaches....yummmm. But I think it would be rather hard to get you some. So local is better.