Thursday, August 26, 2010

Man On A Mission

I believe Tyler's main goal in life is to keep me from sitting down for more than two consecutive seconds. He accomplishes this goal by completing the following To-Do List several times a day:

  • Climb on the kitchen table at least 17 times by 8:00 am.
  • Climb the stairs at least 8 times in 5 minutes
  • Wait for one of the siblings to leave the bathroom door open long enough to make a break for the toilet. Yay for fishing! (NOT!)
  • Climb back on the kitchen table and take bites out of a few tomatoes
  • Climb onto the couch and into the bay window
  • Climb back onto the kitchen table and practice using the salt and pepper shakers
  • Climb onto the shoe rack and into the bay window, but not before pulling all the shoes off the rack of course!
  • Go into the kitchen and pull out the oven drawer and climb in
  • Repeat previous action as soon as Mommy pulls you out and closes the drawer
  • See if one of the siblings left the garage door unlatched; if so, push the door open and go hang out with the lawn mower
  • Climb back on the kitchen table and spill some water
  • Pull over the baby gate and climb the stairs
  • Reach through the banister to grab Daddy's cell phone, car keys and wallet
  • Go back and climb on the kitchen table again
  • See if the dishwasher is unlocked and if so, pull the door open, climb up and look for the sharpest utensil available
  • Play 'Where's The Baby??' (Mommy loves that game...she runs around yelling 'Where's Tyler??? all while I hide in the closet (or behind the curtains, or in her bedroom, or....)
  • Put rocks in mouth every now and then to see if she is paying attention
  • Climb back on the kitchen table (see a theme yet?)
So far he is proving to be a conscientious worker, working hard to achieving his goals quickly and effectively.

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DayPhoto said...

I love 'wheres the baby' also. Even now with growing grandchildren.