Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Latest Hip Check

I'm still here. We had our computer put away for the last several days so that Jeff could install a new floor up here!!! No more nasty pink and green speckled, dark brown and tan checker-board tiles!!!!! (Can you tell that makes me happy? That stuff was hideous.) Anyway, we're back in business.

Katie had her hip check this morning and I don't know if I am happy or not. Basically, the word was 'looks good, hip is stable, the femur has improved, socket is still flatter than it should be, wait and see...' We talked again about surgery. Last check up seemed like we were out of the woods, but it all depends on how much growth her hip does on its own. Dr. Speigel said he doesn't want to do the surgery unless its absolutely necessary, and he waits longer than most doctors to do it...around age 4. I asked him if her socket stays the same would she have to get surgery, and he said we would definitely have to consider it. The bottom line is, no one knows how much 'remodeling' her hip will do on its own. By age 4 is usually when it really slows down. So at next year's check-up we'll figure out whether she will need surgery or not. I know there is no way around it, but I really hate the 'wait and see' part of this. Ugh. And I have decided (well, I already knew this..) I will NEVER live in a big city. The traffic is enough to give me a nervous breakdown. I hate driving in Philly!!!!!


mcwigginseses said...

Ugh... sorry about this frustrating news... I'm glad he's willing to wait and see if it works out on its own, but having that hanging out there is very annoying too...

DayPhoto said...

What a mixed blessing...I'm glad you have a thoughtful Doctor and one who is not surgery happy. I am sorry that the hip is not responding any faster. Maybe there will be a growth spurt which will pull everything into place before the age of 4.

I agree with you...I can't drive in lots of traffic.