Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where To Begin...(With a mish-mash of pictures that may or may not be relevant)

The last 24 hours have been so much fun. Friday was Jeff's company dinner, which is at a high fa-looting fancy schmancy place. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed our time. While we were at the dinner, Rachel and Phil took the older two to a local church for its Christmas event. They braved the cold, cold night to take the kids on a wagon ride, complete with Belgian horses, and fed the kids their share of cookies and marshmallows and FUN! Mom kept Tyler, which let me actually enjoy myself knowing he was in good hands. :) Yesterday we had a little party for my brother and his new wife. It was fun to be all together. The night ended with James giving Aunt 'Ikea' a goodbye kiss....on her boot. Kids these days. They're goofy.

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DayPhoto said...

I enjoyed seeing you and your smiling face. You and your husband make a lovely couple, my Dear.