Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Small Groupies

We've been having a 'small group' (Bible Study type thing) at our house for a looooooong time. Our group has had a lot of fun together and we always enjoy getting together....especially at our Christmas party which involves food and the exchange of ridiculous gifts. The gifts included a potty seat (which was opened by someone who has no kids), a pair of hospital socks, a handheld steam cleaner and....the gift of the night....a possessed singing, dancing frog, which I got. (Thankfully, there was one person in the room that thought it was awesome and so he stole it. Yes! James later told me he really liked the frog and wished we had kept it. I would have killed that thing in no time flat.) Here it is, in all its freakish glory:

Somehow this year it also involved everyone putting on the same beanie and glasses for a picture.
Apparently it doesn't take too much to entertain us!

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