Friday, December 11, 2009

Same Rules Apply (...and a few pictures)

When your kids are too quiet, you know they must be getting into trouble, right? Well, I found out that the same rules apply to husbands:

Because naturally, you would expect him to be trimming and coloring the (air quotes) not-red goatee he has been growing lately. (I use air quotes because it had an awful lot of red in it, but Jeff holds that there was only a 'dash' of red) And what, you ask, did he use to color his lovely new soul patch? Why, my mascara of course! And no shenanigan would be complete without taking some menacing pictures of yourself to commemorate the occasion.

The kids, 'snuddling' together :)

Tyler enjoying the tree

And just look at how happy he is!!! Just delicious!!

1 comment:

DayPhoto said...

Now you need a new tube!

What fun to see all your babies and thier smiling faces!