Monday, December 21, 2009


We had a record-breaking snow storm over the weekend. There was over 23 inches at the Philadelphia airport according to the weather people. We had a lot of fun being snowed in, baking cookies and playing in the snow. Last Thursday, before the snow came, we made a Birthday cake for Jesus. We have decided not to do Santa (I know, we're depriving our kids :) but we don't want Santa to distract from the real reason we celebrate Christmas, Jesus' birth. So, in lieu of that James said (via direct revelation of course ;) that Jesus wanted a 'Worms and Dirt' cake. The kids took turns shoveling the dirt in the bowl, and occasionally in their mouths. I am coming to realize that anything the kids help with will include the use of questionable food safety techniques. When we woke up Saturday, the snow had started to fall and the kids began running around the house like lab rats trying to find peanut butter. James put his snow boots on and was ready to go. Our morning involved pulling out various bins of clothing looking for suitable snow pants, hats and gloves, and the tedious application of such items. I took the kids out, and we walked down the green belt where there is a big hill (the same one they go down in the wagon) and they got to go sledding. We came in, drank hot chocolate and made Christmas cookies. Jeff later took them out again and built them a huge tall pile of snowman, since the snow wasn't exactly good snowball snow. The kids have been having so much fun playing outside, and its fun to watch them enjoy themselves so much. James stayed outside with Jeff yesterday for a few hours, shoveling the sidewalks and driveway. Now Jeff is bent in the shape of a C and can't put on his own socks, and James, of course, is asking to go out AGAIN!

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DayPhoto said...

At least everyone is home and can enjoy it together. Otherwise it would be rather scary!