Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photo-fest! (and a random James story)

Nothing like a baby in a coonskin hat:


I must admit, I took approximately 15 pictures of him in this hat. It was cracking me up.

Back with it's rightful owner

What makes this picture so funny is that I had the LCD screen flipped around so they could see themselves, so they were all looking at the screen like 'hey, that's us!'

Playing around

Funny face...look at those puffy cheeks!

And finally, I finished the great Christmas Project of '09......9 pairs of flannel jammies! Here are two pairs I made, complete with vintage Bakelite buttons, because what good are cool vintage buttons if you never use them, right?? (These two pairs are for Tyler)

And now for the random James story. Hope you all find this as hilarious as I did. Yesterday James found himself a googly eye somewhere. He proceeded to give the googly eye a tour of our house, because, after all, it is an eye. He would hold it up so it could 'see' out the window, 'see' the Christmas tree, and so forth. I had to try very hard not to totally crack up and burst his creative little bubble.

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