Thursday, December 17, 2009

Several Orders of Biz-ness

1. I have a new BFF. Jeff installed a brand-spankin'-new garbage disposal for me this weekend!!! We haven't had one since we lived in the apartment 7 or 8 years ago and I am so ridiculously excited!!!! It just so happened that our sink decided to fall apart, literally, last weekend and I batted my eyes at him and casually mentioned that 'while he was at it' I would love to have a garbage disposal. Yay Jeffrey!!

2. James told me this morning, 'For Christmas I want a big alive horse for Christmas.........just joking!) I don't know where on earth he gets that sense of humor.

3. This morning, I stepped out of the room, and came back approximately 95 seconds later to find the kids changing Tyler's diaper. 'Something stinks,' they said. So, as any normal 2 and 4 year old would do, they had the wipes, a diaper, and had taken off his pants, unsnapped his onsie, and had his diaper half way off. Helpful little dears. If only they had focused their attention on Katie's diaper; they would have discovered the true source of the offensive odor.

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