Friday, August 22, 2014

Random Pics

 These are the spoils from the garden over a period of 3 or 4 days. Crazy, huh? This summer has been fairly cool and good for gardening, but the tomatoes are ripening sloooowly.
 Taters, beautiful taters!
James and his lego rainbow. Isn't it awesome?! This kid and his grin. I love him!!
 Today we had a picnic on the greenbelt. Tyler brought a 'table' for he and Katie. The stick in the middle is the light. Guess how much time they spent eating before they went hunting for cicada shells and flowers? Like 24 seconds.
 This purdy little thang, she ate about 1/3 of a cantaloupe I bought this morning, or cameloupe, as Tyler calls it.
 And check out these feet. Cute, dirty little painted toes.
 James has been dreaming of having a go-cart of some sort for a long time. We finally rigged something up with the wheels of our defunct wagon. He wants to add a lawn mower engine but that is way above my pay grade.
 A little trick photography for Auntie Rachel...look how big James is!
 Katie has been perfecting her cartwheels.
 I am so proud of her. She has worked and worked to be able to do it.
 Then we picked flowers and I made her a crown.
 She's a peach. That gap? She has NOT lost a tooth yet (she gets asked daily) but with her front teeth wiggling, the gap is getting wider. I asked her yesterday if she wanted me to explain it, or just not say anything when people said she lost a tooth. She wants me to explain it to them.
 Don't let the cuteness fool you! This girl has also got a crazy streak a mile wide.
I wonder where she gets it.


Phillip and Rachel said...

I also love the rainbow picture of J and the last one of K. I might need prints of those for my office. They will make me smile a lot :)

Terry and Linda said...

A huge thanks to you for what a beautiful bunch of crazy delightful kids you have!!

A job well-done!