Monday, August 25, 2014


Today there was a wretched stench coming from the kitchen. Not the kind where you wonder if there might be a rotten tomato in the bunch, but the kind where you wonder if you might have to evacuate the house. I looked in the trash, and there on the top was a gray slimy mass of ????. As I pondered what it was, I saw something underneath it. A tiny little frog, quite dead and fairly desiccated. I realized then where the gray slime must have come from: Tyler's Bait Box. You see, he has this odd habit of collecting bait. He will find a cicada, or a little frog, or a grasshopper and declare that it would make good bait. Sometimes he pre-baits his hook for week. Because we all know fish are suckers for dehydrated grasshoppers. Apparently he was keeping his little bait box in his room and when he opened it, he must have been overcome by the smell. After dumping it, he put it to soak in the sink. This I discovered when I was tucking them in to bed. At least he was cleaning up after himself? Guess what the new house rule is, folks? No bait in the house, thank you very much!!!


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Bahahahah LAUGH OUT LOUD, chuckle, snort!!!