Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Day!

On Friday we loaded up Beyonce (our car), picked up my parents and headed for the beach! James declared that it would be the best day ever because we were going to the beach and that on the way home Chappy would stop and get McDonalds for us. How do you know? I asked. Because he always does was the reply. And he did.
I can't say that I got any stellar pictures. None of the kids were interested in getting their pictures taken. Seems they were too busy having FUN! Plus Tyler is some sort of mini-hermit who doesn't want his picture taken so all the ones of him are taken on the sly.
Oops! The little turkey just walked in and saw this...'Deweeeeet it, Mama! I didn't say you could take my picture.'
They had fun jumping the waves, chasing the waves, and picking up copious amounts of seashells.
Not sure what the James man is doing here, but isn't he HUGE!? I am pretty sure he is showing me one of the gazillion seashells he found. Following in the footsteps of my mother, I even collected some to make Christmas ornaments for everyone. I even caught two crabs, and Tyler learned the hard way that Mama wasn't joking around when she said it would pinch!
I even managed to sit down under the umbrella for a few minutes! Ain't it purdy?
Katie had fun burying herself in the sand.
James practiced his handstands, and asked me to take pictures so he could see what he looked like.
He's getting close...all the kids are learning knew skills that require more coordination and strength than before, telling me they aren't babies anymore. (moment of silence)
This kid...he loves a good selfie and so it wasn't hard to convince him to take a picture with me. This is his serious man face.

And we did stop at McDonalds on the way. And we ate cheeseburgers (Rachel!!!) and fries, and at the end, Chappy played the 'I'm the best Chappy EVER' card and bought everyone hot fudge sundaes. Twas a lovely day!


Phillip and Rachel said...

Looks like fun! James is definitely'd that happen?

Terry and Linda said...

A wonderful day in the sun and water. When does school start for you? Grand Junction started August the 4th, Delta will start the 20th and the grandchildren will start on the 25th.