Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Aid Kit

Tyler got a first aid kit for his birthday, a nifty red one that is waterproof and hangs on a carabiner. He was very excited to get it, and almost immediately removed its contents and used it as....a bug habitat. Due to the whole air-tight, waterproof thing it has going on, the bugs had a one way ticket to ye olde Tyler's Bug Haus. He had fun walking around with a mini-caterpillar habitat hooked to his belt loop, but the caterpillar...not so much. In the meantime, he stashed the first aid gear on his shelf and has been playing doctor to various boo-boos ever since. Sometimes they are real, sometimes they require magnification to see. He likes to doctor me up, so I sit on the edge of his bed and search my appendages for anything that could pass as bandaid-worthy. Once I find something, he cleans it up gently with one of his handy-dandy alcohol pads and applies a bandaid, then asks where my next scratch is. I will continue to visit Dr. T's office, unless some smart aleck relative decides to give him a scalpel kit or something...ha! :)

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Terry and Linda said...

Your header is dramatic. Love it!...Oh and you need the book, Dr. Dan...its a little golden book.