Monday, July 07, 2014

Fourth of July Festivities

This year I didn't plan anything particularly special or even interesting for the Forth of July. I did buy a little package of assorted fireworks for our first 'real' fireworks show. Oh, and I did help the kids make Fourth of July t-shirts. The morning of, I decided to make Chicken Pot Pie, which I must say...I make a pretty tasty chicken pot pie. And it was. Katie helped me shell peas for what seemed like forever. Then she peeled carrots and made a Cucumber Tomato salad by herself. She's the bomb! And what do you do for such an occasion, when you have killed the fatted calf chicken? And by that, I mean Perdue killed the chicken. Well, you invite Grammy and Chappy of course! Because they make everything more fun. They are kind of like an instant party. ha! :)

Except that I get to here 'when are Grammy and Chappy coming over???' Tyler sat with Chappy so he didn't get too scared.

James left his perfectly good perch on the ladder to sit up close (read: move, James! we can't see through you!)

Tyler liked his spot just fine, and was the 'picker' and handed me the fireworks as he picked them out.

Katie had also made little paper sparklers/pompoms to wave, so she and Grammy formed the cheer leading committee. I got to light the fireworks, which means I got to run back and forth a lot.

This was my view of the fireworks, right behind the boy who didn't want to miss a thing!

All the while, these chicks waved their flags and cheered.

Chappy somehow kept Tyler from pulling out all the fuses as he tried to untape them.

And a good time was had by all!

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Terry and Linda said...

Oh! This was so sweet! And special!


Did you actually kill the chicken?
Or get one from the store.