Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Catch and Release

The boys have officially been bitten by the fishing bug. James has it the worst. All day long he asks to go fishing. He is bored, and the only thing he wants to do is go fishinggggggggg. Life is rough for an 8 year old boy. Fortunately he has an awesome Chappy who made he and Tyler bamboo fishing poles. Grammy (who is equally awesome) took them fishing and James was proud to announce that he caught a fish! With mac and cheese! Apparently Velveeta serves numerous purposes. Yesterday it was about 174% humidity which having grown up in the desert is 162% too high. My math skills are stellar by the way. All that to say that I refused to take them fishing yesterday. They had, after all, fished that very morning. Of course they thought I was the biggest stick in the mud EVER. Today was equally as hot and disgusting, but we went after dinner anyway. James had stashed a piece of cheese in his pocket for bait. I had wondered why he asked for a slice of cheese, as he normally doesn't eat it. The man had a plan! It became evident very quickly that sunnies are fans of sharp cheddar and we caught 5 or so fish in 30 minutes. Can't beat that for cheap entertainment! It was all catch and release until Katie's fish swallowed the hook. It did not fair to well with the removal of the hook and let's just say the fishy? He's 'swimmin' with the fishies' if you get my drift. Katie was a bit traumatized and kept saying how she was sad to have caught the fish because it died. Poor girl.

Other things being caught and released around here? Fireflys! There are quite a few this year and Tyler and Katie have taken to catching them in the yard and releasing them.....in the house. You know, so they can see them light up when they are going to bed. I have no qualms with them bringing in a few, but not a whole herd of them. Silly kids!

And in unrelated news, yesterday Tyler ran to me saying there was something wrong in the chicken coop. I feel a little paranoid right now because I had two chickens die in the last month and a half of unrelated causes. I ran back there to see what it was. He told me there was an egg on the floor. (These crazy birds all of a sudden decided to lay on the floor instead of the nest box so I figured it was that) When I arrived, he reached down to pick up the egg, which was actually the knee of a dismembered leg from Baby Alive poking out of the straw. It was pretty hilarious! He pulled it out, looked at it, looked at me and said 'Oh, that's not an egg. Its a doll leg.' Yep. Because that happens all the time. Baby Alive is the gift that keeps on giving. I am pretty sure there are still a few unaccounted for parts, which could show up anywhere...the compost bin, the garden...the crisper drawer...who knows!?

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Terry and Linda said...

EUUUUWWWWWWWW! Baby Alive is spread here and there....spooky!