Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday Festivities and Other Tomfoolery

Sunday was the big T's birthday. I am trying not to dwell too much on the fact that my baby is turning FIVE and going to Kindergarten. Yikes! For his birthday, I made a fishing-themed cake since the boy is into fishing. I did add Swedish fish after the pictures were taken. It was fun, and turned out to be one of my favorite cakes both because of the design...and it was delicious!!

We went over to some friends for a bbq and the kids played in the yard. They had an ornamental pond which I am SHOCKED that Tyler did not fall into. He wanted to catch the koi so bad, he kept leaning over the edge staring at them. But he didn't and the kids had lots of fun! Then, yesterday....apparently life wasn't interesting enough. We had some friends over and has just sat down to get needle felting lessons(!!). Tyler took a flying leap off the couch and face-planted on the floor. I was sure his teeth were going to be knocked out, but apparently he took the brunt of the hit on his chin. I knew immediately he needed to go to the ER. My friend graciously packed up her kids and left, and we headed for the ER. They got us right in. They cleaned up the wound and put some numbing gel on it so we could wait for the doctor. And wait, and wait. I ran out of stories, and the kids ran out of patience when finally, we overheard the doctor and a nurse in the hallway: 'Get the papoose, we're gonna papoose this one.' The kids giggled because the word papoose is funny. I explained to them what it was, and Tyler looked at me with his big, brown serious eyes and asked 'Mama, are they talking about me?' I (stupidly) told him 'No, I don't think so, I think it must be for a smaller kid.' Yeah...it wasn't. They came in with the papoose and I will admit, I almost LOL'ed. It was such a funny contraption. Except they were putting Tyler into it. The other two left the room and they wrapped Tyler in a sheet. The doctor told him 'We're just putting you in a baby burrito.' I said 'Don't you mean a baby straightjacket?' and he laughed. I did refrain from asking if they made them for home use. Ha! So they wrapped him in a sheet, then in the papoose and Tyler hated it! I would too. The nurse held his head as they gave him 4 stitches. He really did good. They said he did better than most kids do. He was a trooper! But now, I say bubble wrap is the order of the day! And maybe a helmet.

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Terry and Linda said...

My heavens...four stitches and strapped down also. I would think that is a bit over doing it...the strapping down thing. I would have panic myself!