Sunday, July 20, 2014

Farm Fair

New Jersey is an interesting state: it features the most dangerous city in the nation (Camden) and also the most ill-conceived traffic systems ever. Sometimes I wonder if there is a law against left turns or something, because there are so many 'jug handles'. But! There are also some gems in NJ. It is known as a the garden state, and if I have noticed anything in Jersey: it seems like you are either in the ghetto or the sticks. Weird. I chose to celebrate the sticks part of the equation, having no desire to crack the lid of a fire hydrant for my own personal sprinkler while I grill burgers in the street with my boom box blaring. So the farm fair it is!

 It is full of all manner of farm-esque activities which are our cup o' tea.
 They enjoyed pumping water. Tyler is a worker. He wants to get right in there and do it, and do it, and do it. I had to coerce him to leave the corn sheller so the poor guy wouldn't run out of corn.
 This little lady also likes to be busy. She made her shirt the day before...nice tie dye job, Kate!
 Of course there was a plethora of antique tractors. I am pretty sure someday I want to be an old lady who drives an antique tractor and shooting varmits off the porch.
 The sky was beautiful, and the weather was nice. (not hot not humid)
 The kids love fountains....always have.
 I love the carnival rides as long as I am safely situated on the ground. I just think they are so colorful and cheesy and fun. Except the one with scantily clad women painted all over it. Geez!
 We got a front row view of the Antique tractor parade. That was cool! There were about 50 tractors.
 This was an old fire pump/hose...really neat, but amazing they were able to use it at all. I am sure it was way less effective than today's technology.
 And this! This was a pretty pink Farmall tractor, Katie's favorite!
 Katie love, love, loves these photo op things! Tyler even got in on the fun, even though he usually doesn't want his picture taken.
 And of course, we had to take the always fun Look How Big This Tire Is! pictures.
 Tyler wants one when he grows up. Save your pennies, kid, or adopt a rich uncle.
On the way out, we found the kids' agricultural tent. They milked a fake cow, found out that corn makes plastic (because eating it is apparently overrated these days?) and dug around in bins of corn. It was fun!

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Terry and Linda said...

Fun, fun, fun! Everyone is having fun in the Summer time!