Thursday, July 31, 2014


 We were recently given 6 tickets to the aquarium so we got to go with Grammy and Chappy! It was really, really cool. I wish I could have taken better photographs but it is so dark in there! We saw the hippos get lunch (their names are Genny and Button! :) and walked through the shark tunnel which was amazing, except that Tyler wanted OUT.
 The jelly fish...they were so cool. Now I have ideas swirling around in my head for a painting.
 Check out this freaky looking eel! It was big!
 One of the hippos going after her lunch.
 And a really blurry picture of a big shark swimming over my head!
 The penguins were really cool, very fast and playful.
 This turtle was the biggest turtle I have ever seen...amazing!
 James in a turtle shell
 Horsing around
 Looking over at Philly (the aquarium is in Camden NJ)
And this! How could I resist taking a picture of this sign?


Phillip and Rachel said...

I love that aquarium but haven't been since before it got renovated. Looks like you had fun...yay!!!! Photo

Terry and Linda said...