Sunday, May 11, 2014


I had no idea it has been two weeks since I blogged last...yikes! Feeling a little brain dead after a busy weekend, so I will do another photo dump.

 Handsome kid in rain barrel
 And a beautiful chicky in the rhubarb patch
 Dirty toes on my favorite stepping stone
 Kids crawling on the squirrel nest, 50 feet off the thanks, I'll just watch
 Funny sign
 James getting brave
 Curious George makes an appearance
 A giant, sweet smelling peonie
 Playing in the fountain
 Real live swans eating stuff that washed out of the creek

 Katie held James' legs so he could reach in and catch a salamander
And he did! Very, very happy with himself. The salamander, notsomuch. He was introduced to Tyler, and it ended in the salamander needed a medic and possible therapy
 Go ahead, laugh at me for taking a picture of a duck's feet...
Grammy and Katie playing in the creek

**Most of these pictures were taken at Morris Arboretum**


Terry and Linda said...

AND it is warm there!! And green...we are having winter all over again...............sigh!


Shay said...

Love it, it looks like a magical place. My sister was there recently for a wedding.