Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tyler, And Other Nonsense

I just went to check on Tyler, because he 'couldn't sleep.' Well, I'll tell you what, I couldn't sleep in a produce box either. I removed him, his blanket and his pillow from said produce box, tucked him in and tickled his back....and he's out!

In other news, I now have strep....ugh! It basically knocked me on my butt and the resulting mayhem involved Tyler watching way too many episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates while eating Popsicles and bananas and giant spoonfuls of peanut butter. I have not been this sick in a long time, and let me tell you...don't get strep! It stinks! And if you are counting, that is 3 cases of impetigo, 2 strep throats, 1 allergic reaction and a partridge in a pear tree. Boo!!!! I'm ready to be done with all this.

In other, other news, I remembered a funny story to tell Tyler while we were waiting in the doctor's office (because apparently self-diagnosis is not sufficient to procure antibiotics). Tyler asked me about the locked fridge in the doctor's office and it made me remember when I was in high school, we dissected frogs. This probably won't surprise you, but I loved dissecting things. It was very interesting. Whenever we had class, we had to obtain our bullfrogs from the refrigerator in the back room. They were pinned to wax pans and smelled of formaldehyde. I found it to be quite amusing that the teacher would keep his lunch in the fridge next to the frogs. Eew! And while we are on the subject of dissecting, I once got paired up with the class clown who was rather obnoxious and very squeamish. He was happy to be on my team since I had no qualms slicing and dicing. After he got on my nerves one too many times, I shot the lens of a sheep's eyeball at him because I am all sorts of classy and refined.

In other, other news...my brain is officially fried as you can probably tell. Good night, peeps!

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Terry and Linda said...

Gosh! If it doesn't rain then in pours! {{{HUGS}}}