Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wherein I Brag About My Awesome Kids

 Yes. I just said I am going to brag about my awesome kids. Which in and of itself is pretty awesome because they have been....less than awesome lately. Poor kids.

Tyler lent me his adorable little muscles to help me fix the door today. It was in serious trouble, but I busted out my trusty drywall screws and got'er done. No comments from the peanut gallery about the legitimacy of dry wall screws for this particular application. **cough, cough** Dad.

P.S. James....his new hobby is photo-bombing

Look at those beefy little stick arms. I am loving the warm weather because that means I get to see the cute little twigs again.

I am not sure if letting him loose with a drill is the safest bet in the world...

But he did good! And the door is no longer threatening to fall off.

And tonight was the kids' art show. James painting is top left. I am happy that I will soon have some new art to hang up!

James's painting, which involves a barn. Duh.

 And Miss Katie got selected to go to the district art show. Wooo!! So exciting! She had no idea and was pretty pleased when I explained what it meant. I had seen her painting earlier this week and loved it so much I began planning how to frame it when she brought it home. Guess I will have to wait a little longer for that.

 Up close...I think it is acrylic paint with crayon.

And James also made a ceramic castle tower. He etched a brick design into his.

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Terry and Linda said...

Those tykes are so much like you...what a great bunch you have!!!