Saturday, April 26, 2014

Without Further Ado (Otherwise Known As An Avalanche of Pictures)

Easter was fun! And guess what? We had an egg hunt. I'm sure you're shocked.

Each kid had their eggs hidden in a different quadrant of the yard. James is old enough to have a challenging hunt, and Chappy did a really good job of making him look.

This girl. She makes silly faces. She did, however, take a break from the facial gymnastics to find some eggs.

James got his loot and sat down to sample the wares.

After the hunt, we busted out the Cascarones! Rachel and Phil sent these to us from Texas and they were fun! Basically a blown out egg stuffed with confetti.

Nothing like celebrating the Resurrection by smashing eggs on each other, right? :)

For some reason, it was especially satisfying smashing eggs on Dad's head. Aren't they cute?
Don't tell my teenage self I said that, OK?

This girl and her expressions...

She's a lovely little piece of work
I absolutely love, love, love her grin in this picture! 

And here she is being goofy again.

Here she is, hamming it up with Chappy. She told him 'don't kiss me with your furry face!'

Which of course he did, and we all laughed

Aunt Sal even got in on the fun

And this is why I had to get my hair blown out with the air compressor. Good bye, confetti! Hello, volume!

The End


Terry and Linda said...

So much fun! How are things going?


Trish D said...

Cascarones are awesome -- but #1 rule my kids have learned is not in my hair!! (and not in the backyard, either, as confetti blowing into the pool es no bueno)