Thursday, May 22, 2014

The D-L

 This last week has been a bit INSANE. James has some weird spots on his face that looked like poison ivy. Turns out it was impetigo. Woo! It's a contagious disease! (note: sarcasm) Katie got strep (caused by the same germ) and was completely lethargic and miserable. I hauled all three beans to the doctor's office to get James and Katie checked out. Taking three kids to the doctors office is such a joy. ha. They were both prescribed antibiotics, and I believe we may have broken some record for modern children in that James has never taken an antibiotic before. And Katie only once.
 So, they began to improve and you may guess where this is going next: Tyler got impetigo. Back to the doctor's office, this time mercifully with only Tyler. He got an cream for it and we were good to go. For the fun of it, here's the rundown on what its like to administer medication to children. James took his willingly. Hallelujah! The other two, not so much. Giving Katie her medicine was like wrestling a hissing alligator. Tyler screamed and wiped the cream off. Little does he know I wait til he goes to sleep and then slather it on.

 Now today, the school nurse called at 11:15 saying James had a rash all over his body, and did I notice it this morning? At which point you wonder if they are accusing you of being a horrible mom for either a) not noticing or b) sending him anyway. This morning he was fine, by 11:30 he had a rash, by dinner it was horrible. Possible allergic reaction to the antibiotic, benadryl to the rescue and I've got my fingers crossed he can go back tomorrow!

 If all of this sounds incredibly dull, well, it is. But that's what happened this week. We also got some 'farming' done, as Tyler says. He is a big fan of gardening and very helpful. We got potatoes in, planted some tomatoes, squash, basil, and who knows what random seeds he snuck in everywhere.
And the other thing I actually accomplished this week was finally finishing this project which I have been working on nigh on to forever. I even hung it up. Go me! Yes, Dad, I made sure to anchor it in studs!


Terry and Linda said...

I'm sorry about the kids...seems to run in schools and in classrooms! Then in families!

Your project is stunning!


Caitlin said...

Ugh impetigo...that's on my squeamish list alongside lice and leeches. Hope everyone heals up soon!!