Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Scrumptious Beans, James' Farming Escapades and Circus Shoes

First, the scrumptious beans. James got out his old cowboy duds and dressed Tyler up. The kids have been really into playing 'Sheriffs and Robbers' or 'Indians and Robbers' or other such variations. I got the mini-cowboy to stop long enough to take a few cute pictures.

Here is the other cowboy, who has outgrown most of his cowboy duds. 

And here's the little cowpoke with his corn which is much taller than knee-high by 4th of July. I just read that New Jersey got a record amount of rain last month, more than any June in over 110 years. Yikes! 

Here are the boys with their new-to-them Capsela set. My brother had one when we were kids and I found a set at the thrift store which still works! 

And last but not least, the clown shoes. When my running shoes wore out I decided that whatever I got had to be brightly colored. Like obnoxiously bright. So I picked the pink shoes on the left. I think they are even brighter in person and I love them very much. Jeff was jealous and went out and bought his very own pair of flashy clown shoes. Actually they are special running shoes that are very unique and look highly uncomfortable to me. They have 4 bars on the sole that force your foot to rock forward onto your forefoot. They are so specialized that you have to ease int them, running only a mile in them at a time for the first couple weeks. Jeff actually runs carrying his extra shoes because he doesn't want to come home and switch because it would 'throw off his run and change the distance and yadda yadda yadda.' So if you see a 6' 4" flash of white lightning running around with glowing shoes and a spare pair just in case, you know who it is. 

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