Thursday, July 18, 2013

James' Book Report

James came home with a seriously fat stack of summer work to do. And a pledge that he would log on to this reading website at least 3 times a week. Well, this should come as no shock to you but it annoys the heck out of me! Why does my kid need to log on to the internet to read?!?! Really?? I am considering being the rebel parent and saying NO! My kid DIDN'T read on the internet! and actually, so far he has only done it once. But, he has read a ton at home. And we read together. He even started writing his own book. One thing I did to encourage his reading (which really isn't necessary...the kid has at least a dozen books stashed by his pillow at all times) is to offer him $1 for every chapter book he read. First we established that Fly Guy may appear to be a chapter book, if you can read it in 15 minutes it doesn't count. He also has to write 3-4 sentences about the book, which may not include 'I read a book. It was good. I liked it.' (I never did that in school of course, just heard of people who did :) Here is the transcript of his second book report, unedited:

I read junie. B jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. It was hollarys. her friend tells her that kids pour cholclat milk on your head. She has a teacher named Mrs. She called the firemen because she was guenna have a accsadent.

I think this kid is 'hollarys'!

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