Friday, July 19, 2013

Man Camp: Major Photo Overload!

Behold, the pictures from Man Camp. Technically called Northern Frontier and located in the Adirondacks of New York state.

The boys

James showing off a huge chunk of moss. The kid likes moss, and I am told this moss was really thick and plush.

Target practice. I secretly hope he inherits my Annie Oakley skills because that would just be fun. Except that there are approximately zero opportunities around here for target practice. I wonder if Chappy would allow target practice in his house like Grandpa Cheyney did?! Ha! I remember shooting down the hall at my grandparents house at something similar to this, but it was in a box that caught the pellets. I also remember many times shooting off our back porch at various pop cans, paper plates and whatnot. But I digress.

Playing around overlooking the Hudson River

The Hudson River: isn't this a gorgeous view?

Camp Boys

The cave: Jeff wouldn't go in (and he's not really scared of much) but James went back really far in the cave. Go, James!!

There was a steep drop off here and this guy was helping James get back to land.

Isn't this the cutest little salamander you've ever seen? I have a fascination with salamanders and newts. Weird, I know.

Evening on the lake (where James caught his very first fish!)

Standing in the woods with random stop sign

The waterfall they hiked to. 

James flashing his best look for the camera

Sliding down the rock

The climbing wall: James climbed clear to the top!!

Hobo stoves: each father/son team build their own and cooked dinner over it (hamburgers and s'mores)

Practicing archery: James was very excited about this but he had a hard time. I think he thought it would be the same as his little toy bow and arrow.

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Phillip and Rachel said...

Those pics are awesome...can we start our own camp because that looks like so much fun!!!