Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dad preached at church a week ago. Of course, on the day he preached I got summoned 5 minutes in because Tyler fell off the stool in the bathroom. They thought he was OK but he wouldn't stop crying for me. I went and picked him up and settled him down. Then we went to the lobby so I could attempt to hear at least 3 words of the sermon. (Note: when I was a kid....I tried NOT to hear even 3 words of the sermon...it was my DAD after all **insert teenage eye roll here**) I was pointing out Chappy to Tyler through the window and tried to explain what he was doing. All of a sudden, Tyler realized that Chappy's voice was much louder than it should be considering he was in another room all together. He looked at me and asked 'How is Chappy's voice so loud?' I told him Chappy had a microphone on and that made his voice bigger. I showed him the speaker where it was being piped into the lobby. Once he realized that's where Chappy's voice was coming from, he looked up in wonder at the speaker, waved and said 'Hi Chappy!' It was pretty darn cute!

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Terry and Linda said...

Oh! That would have been adorable!