Monday, July 22, 2013

My First 'Race'

I ran my first 'race' yesterday which was technically not a race but whatever. The idea was to run 1.6 miles, each either a pint or a quart of ice cream, then run 1.6 miles back. I mostly skipped the ice cream part because puking in the bushes and being sick all day surprisingly did not appeal to me. I ran with a bunch of ladies from church/mom's group/random places and it was tons of fun. I found out after I signed up that I was the only 'real' runner and I use that term very loosely. Everyone trained to varying degrees, some for the running and some for the ice cream eating. :) Of our group, my friend Michelle who said she is 'not fast' finished first and I was 45 seconds behind her. There was a 'Pace Pig' running the race and when you finished you got either an 'I beat the pig!' or 'The pig beat me.' Michelle and I beat the pig by about 2 minutes! I heard people complaining that the pace pig was running too fast and I think I only beat him because he spent a little longer at the ice cream station, schmoozing people with his Scottish accent. A man in a pig outfit with a Scottish accent. What is this? The twilight zone? And on a side note, wearing bright pink tutus and pig ears apparently attracts people with cameras, because we got photographed for a radio station and the newspaper. There is a video here in the 'latest videos' section.


Belinda Silver said...

Cute jogging attire. : )

Phillip and Rachel said...

Your children are delightfully weird and I love the running pics!!!