Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sometimes words are not enough. Oh, where do I begin? How could I possibly be able to convey the joy I felt inside when our neighbor brought over such a lovely specimen for my children to drag (lovingly, of course) around the yard. Such a lovely thing is only worthy of the finest waste receptacle, an honored place in the most pristine of landfills. Thanks, neighbor, thanks.

**So, our neighbor has had this carcass of a parrot hanging in his yard since we've lived here. It didn't always look this way. It used to be a yard ornament worthy enough to grace Jimmy Buffett's yacht or something. (That is, if you believe yard ornaments are worthy of gracing anything...) But I digress. Over time, and many a snow storm, this parrot has withered away, leaving his plumage somewhat discolored, mangled, and...well.....ugly. However, this parrot, known as 'Bud's Parrot,' has captured the interest of my children. When the parrot disappeared a few weeks ago, Katie was a bit miffed. She asked me repeatedly 'Where'sssssss Bud'sssss Paaaaarrot?' Try explaining to a two-year-old that the parrot went for an overdue visit to the city dump. She wasn't buyin'. Then, a few days later, our neighbor Bud came to the side fence to say 'hello.' When a mention was made of the missing parrot, he immediately darted back to his house (where I am fairly certain he fished it out of the trash), and came back with the parrot. He immediately gave it to Katie, saying 'You can have it!' and looking at me with an evil grin. So now, I am the proud owner of a parrot carcass. I immediately pronounced him an 'outside' toy, and am currently biding my time til I can sneak him into the trash can where he belongs. :)

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Phillip and Rachel said...

That thing is could use it next halloween as part of your Inspector undercover costume from the Pink Panther although it does not blow up.