Monday, March 08, 2010


James asked me the other night if I was still sad about Grandpa. I told him yes. Its hard to explain to a four year old all the feelings associated with death. I have tried to explain to him that although I am sad that Grandpa is gone, I know that Grandpa is happy to be free to his worn out body, and that I will see him again someday. I am glad he doesn't didn't have to suffer any more, or go into a nursing home. When I told him I was sad, James said 'I'm sad too. He was my favorite.' I know he remembers a little of Grandpa, and I know we've told him lots of stories. I told him the other day that he has the same name as Grandpa, he said 'Yeah, I know, you already told me that.' (Like 'duh, Mom!) One of my favorite stories of Grandpa was when I was living with them in college. I wanted to make some wooden snowman ornaments for Christmas. Grandpa was eager to help, even though I was a little leery of him using the table saw. He had just hurt himself a few days earlier, I think while he was tinkering around. But he was determined, and so I diligently traced all my snowmen onto a piece of wood. They were basically blobs with a carrot nose protruding from the side. (to be painted later on) After deciding I didn't have it in me to watch Grandpa cut his finger off, I mean, cut out the snowmen, I went in the house. A few minutes later, he came back in with my snowmen. Only, he had cut off all the noses. Here, he thought I was making apples and so he cut all the stems off for me! :) Another funny thing Grandpa used to do is to smash pop cans with a giant sledgehammer. Even though he had a can crusher on the garage wall, he insisted on smashing the cans with a big ol' sledgehammer. It was funny to watch, Grandpa in his suspenders flattening cans in the garage. Although it was perhaps a bit overzealous, I must admit it was a lot more fun than the can smasher. :)

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